Terms & conditions

Ordering and payment

Signing up and ordering:
Having completed your registration at Doomags you will receive a confirmatory email.

If you are using the free trial version of Doomags, it will be available after you have confirmed the registration.

If you have bought a version of Doomags, it will be available when you have completed the online payment and received an order confirmation email.

Online payment is the only type of payment when ordering a Doomags catalogue. You can choose between the following payment cards:

  • Dankort
  • eDankort
  • Visa/Dankort
  • Visa Elektron
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • PayPal

You are invoiced for the Doomags catalogue ahead of the period.

When you buy a Doomags catalogue, you activate it for an optional period. You can choose between 1 week, 1 month and 12 months. It is possible to sign up for more than one period at a time.

Free trial:
You can sign up for the free trial version of Doomags without committing to a following paid period. It is only allowed to try the free trial version once. If that condition is neglected, Doomags will deactivate the catalogue immediately. After the free trial period you can sign up for an optional period at any time.

Free version with ads:
You can also choose a free ad-supported plan where the subscription is running a full year. We reserve the right to freely change in this version. We are of course not changing the catalog, but there may be replacements of the commercials, which is sponsoring the catalog and changes in the area of ​​advertising space.

Delivery and hosting of Doomags

A link to the Doomags catalogue is available after the online payment is completed. The link will be active in the ordered period.

Doomags is hosted on severs at INET-DESIGN, Vølundsvej 1, DK-8230 Åbyhøj. As a rule there is free traffic, which means that there is no fee for the amount of data to and from the servers. A normal execution of traffic that is not disturbing the traffic for other customers is assumed. Doomags is committed to ensuring good performance and uptime. INET-DESIGN cannot be held responsible for any disruptions of service.

Technical requirements to the PDF file:
The PDF file you wish to convert into a Doomags catalogue may not exceed 100 MB. The PDF file has to be weboptimized and can only contain one page per page.


You are responsible for the legitimacy of the content of your Doomags catalogue. The catalogues must not contain copyrighted material, pornographic material, extreme political opinions or other controversial material. INET-DESIGN has the supreme right to decide if the material is of that character and in that case annul the agreement and deactivate the catalogue. In case of cancellation, INET-DESIGN cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience, including operating loss.

Reverse engineering of Doomags is not allowed. The source code is copyrighted.

Right of cancellation

As private costumer you have a 14 days cancellation right, starting from the day the agreement is registered, which is the date you received the order confirmation.

A trade customer has no cancellation right.

When your period is expiring you will receive a reminder on email 14 days in advance (does not involve free trial customers). 2 days before the period expires, you will receive a reminder again (this involves paying customers as well as free trial customers). Then you can choose to extend the Doomags catalogue for another period or let the period expire after which the link to the catalogue will no longer be active.

INET-DESIGN reserves the right to
INET-DESIGN reserves the right to change the terms, sales conditions, prices etc. Price changes are valid from the following period.

Your Doomags account will be automatically upgraded to the newest version. Therefore, layout and functionality can change without notice.

If any disputes arise on the basis of the sales terms and conditions, it will be agreed with the Court in Aarhus, Denmark.